Larger Structures: Custom Width and Multi-Box Structures

Need a steel building larger than 8' wide? We can create durable, modular structures in almost any size!

double-wide_350.jpgShipping container buildings are best known for their mobility and stackability, and they’re most commonly used in situations where a building must be durable enough to be moved or occasionally relocated. However, shipping containers are also a great option for larger, free-spanning structures, such as workshops, warehouses, offices, and other speciality buildings.

In addition to creating buildings that are slightly wider than a standard 8-foot shipping container (i.e. 10' - 12'), we also offer double-wide, triple-wide, or even larger multi-box structures. 

There are many advantages of choosing a larger or multi-box steel structure over a wood frame building, here are just a few:

Easier and Faster to Assemble
With a larger shipping container building or multi-container structure, the majority of construction happens at our manufacturing facility. Windows, doors, insulation, heating/cooling systems, etc., are all installed prior to delivering the structure to our customer’s location.

The building is then transported to the location completed, or to be assembled on site in the case of some multi-box structures. Compared to building a wood-frame structure on-site, most container buildings will arrive ready to install in 4-6 weeks and be ready to use the next day.

More Affordable than Wood Frame Buildings
A custom BigSteelBox Structures building is often less expensive than a wood-frame building. Our streamlined manufacturing process allows us to quickly build and deliver a very high-quality product for an affordable price.

Secure and Weather-Proof
Unlike wood, a steel structure is extremely durable and will stand up to the elements for a very long time. Shipping containers are built for ocean transport, so they’re sealed and will not be affected by wind or water, the weight of heavy snow, and are impenetrable by rodents. This strength and durability directly transfers to a steel building.

They Look Great!
Shipping container buildings are very sleek and modern looking, so they will look great on your property. There’s no need to worry about maintaining siding or shingles over the years. Plus, we can paint your container building any colour you choose!

If you’re looking for a high quality container building, give us a call to discuss options and pricing today: 1-877-373-1187.

  • Custom 20' X 24' workshop: 3 standard containers wide
  • Interior of a Custom 20' X 24' free-spanning workshop
  • Custom workshop with man door, windows, and roll up door
  • Custom mobile laboratory - 14' X 28'
  • Interior of a custom 14' X 28' mobile lab
  • Interior of a custom lunchroom with office - 12' X 40'
  • Custom-width washroom with toilets, sinks and showers - 10' X 40'
  • Custom 16' X 40' Command Post, built using two 40' BigSteelBoxes
  • Interior of custom 16' X 40' Command Post offers two offices and a large open work space
  • Double-wide office, custom size 16' X 40'

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Residential Moving & Storage

Bigsteelbox-moving_170X100.jpgBigSteelBox makes residential moving and storage simple.

We deliver a BigSteelBox to your home, you pack it at your own pace, then we pick it up and move it to your new home. If you need storage, keep the Box at your place or we'll store it at one of our secure locations.

Benefits of Building with Steel

BigSteeBox-20ft-office-Ex_170X100.jpgFor mobile structures on remote worksites, building with steel makes sense when compared to wood-frame construction.

BigSteelBoxes are built for ocean shipping and withstanding the elements, so they're much more solid, durable and stackable than trailers.

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