World’s Largest Oil Worker on Display at Calgary GPS

BigSteelBox demonstrates commitment to the industry with six-storey man built from shipping containers

BSB-Oil-Man_jason-Devon_500.jpgJune 9, 2015 – Calgary, AB – BigSteelBox Structures is showcasing the world’s biggest oil worker at the Global Petroleum Show (GPS) in Calgary this week. The structure was designed to symbolize the company going “bigger” with an innovative approach to modular buildings.

Standing approximately 54 feet high, the world’s biggest oil worker is constructed of 16 BigSteelBoxes and is a landmark for guests at the GPS. Taking months to design and plan, the structure is close to the height of a six-storey building.

“The BigSteelBox oil worker represents the idea of bigger possibilities when it comes to modular building solutions,” says Devon Siebenga, BigSteelBox Structures president. “A standard shipping container is 8’ wide, but most modular buildings made for the oil & gas industry are 12’ wide. We designed the 12’ wide unit to provide the industry with a steel alternative to wood frame structures. The Bigger Boxes are popular amongst a variety of industries from mining and oil & gas to construction, because they are more durable than traditional trailers, and they now meet the space requirements. Almost any structure you can imagine can be built from steel shipping containers, regardless of the size and configuration.”

As companies in the oil and gas industry face challenging economic times and are under pressure to remain competitive, the BigSteelBox man represents an innovative company that is offering creative solutions to meet the needs of the oil and gas, mining and forestry markets.

Fully engineered to meet all local structural requirements, the Bigger Boxes can be modified for commercial and industrial use; for work camp housing, offices, mobile labs, lunchrooms and more.

The Bigger Boxes are a solid foundational structure that are virtually indestructible and moveable and can be shipped by boat, truck and train. Built using corten corrugated steel and 1-1/8’’ marine grade hardwood, they are able to withstand the elements during ocean travel and constant movement, making them ideal for harsh environments.

“The Bigger Boxes are still able to be stacked, which is another advantage we have over wood-frame structures. With a well-defined need, we can custom design a BigSteelBox structure for almost anyone,” says Siebenga.

BigSteelBox Structures offers sustainable and long-term solutions for petroleum and mining operations. A modified BigSteelBox provides a mobile solution to an array of needs, whether in a remote area or not. Having completed more than 600 projects using modified shipping containers, BigSteelBox Structures has access to a dedicated team of planners and builders, that offer the expertise and experience to build large-scale projects and deliver finished structures of a higher quality.

BigSteelBox is showcasing a 12’ wide office unit and a 12’ wide washroom unit at GPS that can be customized to meet almost any need. The BigSteelBox exhibit at GPS is located in the outdoor exhibit area in the far southeastern corner of the Stampede grounds from June 9-11.

View a time-lapse video of the construction of the BigSteelBox oil man below.


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