BigSteelBox Structures Displays Workforce Housing Unit at LNG-Buy BC Event in Victoria

We were excited to have an example of a BigSteelBox Structures workforce accommodations on display of the grounds of the B.C. Parliament Buildings in Victoria, BC, earlier this month. BigSteelBox Structures President Devon Siebenga was there along with the mobile living quarters to help raise awareness of the opportunities for B.C. businesses brought by the expanding liquid natural gas (LNG) industry.

"We’re excited about the opportunities the LNG-Buy BC program brings and we applaud the efforts of government to connect local suppliers with industry," said Siebenga. "We’re proud to have both our head office and manufacturing facilities based here in B.C. and our proximity means a custom modular structure can be designed, built and shipped in record time."

The BigSteelBox Structures unit was also there to contribute to our on-going effort to change the way people look at workforce accommodations and modular structures.

"Our luxury living quarters are a great example how innovative design and finishing can combine with durable and sustainable steel to provide greater comfort and functionality," said Siebenga, who toured Minister of Jobs, Tourism & Skills Training 
Shirley Bond through the living suite constructed inside a 40’ BigSteelBox. "Our product is built to be moved, incredibly durable, and made to truly feel like a home away from home," says Siebenga.

View a video from the event below to learn more:


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