Now Available: Ready-Built Mobile Offices for Sale or Rent

BigSteelBox Mobile Offices for Sale or RentWe’re excited to announced that we’ve expanded our options for modular, mobile offices. In addition to custom built offices, BigSteelBox now offers ready-built offices for immediate sale or rent.

BigSteelBox offices are built to last. The exterior and interior specs were chosen for their longevity, and materials were chose to minimize repair costs. These are bright, functional spaces that can fit whatever you need them to do.

These finished 8' x 20' mobile offices are in stock and available for rent from select BigSteelBox locations, and available for sale through all BigSteeBox stores across Canada. Because we have stock on hand, we're able to deliver on relatively short timelines throughout Western Canada.

Here are a few more benefits of a BigSteelBox Office over wood frame office trailers:

  • More Durable - A BigSteelBox Office is more durable than wood frame trailers, and they're built to move. Composed of corten corrugated steel, a BigSteelBox is designed to "weather the storm" and provides both security and strength in the harshest climates.

  • More Portable - BigSteelBox Offices are built to withstand the heavy abuse of consistent movement. With multiple lifting points and a rigid steel frame, a BigSteelBox Office can be easily transported around the site or around the world.
  • Stackable - In ship yards, shipping containers are often stacked up to 9 units high. Unlike a wood frame trailer office, a BigSteelBox Office maximizes its use of space because it is able to sit on sidewalk hoarding or stack on top of, or under, other storage containers.

Contact us today to learn more about the mobile offices we have available for sale and rent at 1-877-373-1187.


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Residential Moving & Storage

Bigsteelbox-moving_170X100.jpgBigSteelBox makes residential moving and storage simple.

We deliver a BigSteelBox to your home, you pack it at your own pace, then we pick it up and move it to your new home. If you need storage, keep the Box at your place or we'll store it at one of our secure locations.

Benefits of Building with Steel

BigSteeBox-20ft-office-Ex_170X100.jpgFor mobile structures on remote worksites, building with steel makes sense when compared to wood-frame construction.

BigSteelBoxes are built for ocean shipping and withstanding the elements, so they're much more solid, durable and stackable than trailers.

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