Custom modular building solutions.

Modified shipping containers are perfect on job sites for nearly every industry. From oil & gas, mining and forestry, to retail and construction, we provide a wide range of structural solutions.

We now offer a suite of standard products, such as offices, washrooms and tool cribs. Our custom enclosures include everything from communications equipment and workforce housing to mobile labs and fire training facilities.

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Custom Shipping Container Modifications

Almost any structure you can envision can be built by modifying shipping containers. We've been building modular structures for over 10 years and most builds have been custom designs based on our customer's specific need.

Whether you're looking for a custom product like a Mobile Lab, Sidewalk Hoarding, or Fire Training Unit, or just minor modifications to a shipping container, like a roll up door or window, we can help.

Our design build process includes initial discovery, research, budgeting, design, procurement, building and container modifications, and delivery.

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Next Generation of Wellsite Accommodations

Working in the field doesn’t mean your staff has to rough it. We take the "trailer-feel" out of wellsite trailers by creating spaces that feel like home.

Our mobile buildings are built to withstand constant movement and harsh climates. All our structures can be certified under Part 10 of the Alberta Building Code to meet or exceed the guidelines established by the Government of Alberta for re-locatable industrial accommodations.

Learn more about our living quarters, sleepers & camps that are designed and built specifically for the oil & gas, mining and forestry industries.

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Standard Products Now Available!

To help streamline our ordering and production process, we have developed a number of ready to order products that will make buying or renting a BigSteelBox Structure even easier.

We've been building portable offices, washrooms and tool cribs for years. Now, we've used everything we've learned to create a suite of products that will meet a wide range of needs. Each new product includes a detailed list of features along with upgrade packages. Further options are available to provide the flexibility our customers need.

The end result is a better customer experience from start to finish.

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